Why Practice Leadership For Teens/Youths?

Why ACLC NG Membership?

At Abuja Civic Leadership Center, we view leadership as an activity/behavior, which is not exclusive to a few persons in positions of authority, but can be practiced by anyone. It is also viewed as a skill, which can be built and developed. Leadership being an art, consistent practice is advised to ensure mastery.

For this reason, we are keen to commence the art and practice of leadership development for teens/youths. They are constantly referred to as the “leaders of tomorrow”, but for that to be a reality, we must be deliberate and intentional in orienting them about the practice of leadership in other to secure the future. Leadership must not be about positions, titles, authority or privileges, but should be defined in terms of actions and activities, and the opportunities that emerge daily for youths to contribute to the common good of the society.

It’s always better and easier to instill the right habits early than attempting to replace bad habits with good ones. Habits can either make or derail an individual, so it makes good reason to begin teaching leadership values at an early age.

Beyond the provision of instruction on leadership, we will inspire learning through daily experiences, and the opportunities that exist for the practice of leadership.

The art and practice of leadership development is critical to achieving the transformation we desire in our society and nation. And has been rightly stated – everything does rise and fall on leadership.

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