Why ACLC NG Membership?

The Abuja Civic Leadership Center is poised to make a radical shift in how we think about leadership and in the skills that we should encourage in individuals who take on the task of leading. We recognize that our ability to make progress on the daunting issues in our communities will be by nurturing the quantity and quality of our civic leadership.

At ACLC, we insist that leadership can and must be taught, so we are building a laboratory for learning about leadership to equip individuals with the skills and tools required to create change in their communities. Our goal is to create a thought – leadership epicenter and leadership – in – action meeting place with passionate and committed people ready to move beyond their comfort zones. Leadership cannot remain the exclusive domain of those in positions of authority or influence.

Become a member, join us today at ACLC to redefine leadership, and to build the capacities of individuals to practice it for the common good of our communities and nation.

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